Abdygulov: Using mobile phone units to replenish the electronic wallet has risks

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Bishkek, Dec. 26, 2017. /Kabar/. The final decision on whether to allow or prohibit the mobile phone companies to make payments is not accepted. The chairman of the National Bank Tolkunbek Abdygulov said this at a press conference in the Kabar News Agency. On August 1, 2017, the National Bank submitted a draft resolution for public discussion, which prohibits the subscriber's mobile phone units from being used to replenish the electronic wallet. The units can only be used for cellular services.

Abdygulov said that a decision on this matter will be made in near future. "This decision will be crucial for mobile phone companies and commercial banks. The National Bank will first and foremost rely on guaranteeing the payment of citizens. In this regard, the market itself must be ready. The National Bank has a lot of obligations, including combating money laundering. The fact is that not all 100% of subscribers of mobile phone companies are identified. There are risks that allowing the use of mobile phone units to replenish the electronic wallet may contradict the law on money laundering,” he explained.

Abdygulov stressed that their task is to ensure a guaranteed payment of citizens. However, replenishment through the mobile phone units can not fully guarantee payment for the final goal. The head of the National Bank recalled that the SIM cards are sold at airports without registration.

Tolkunbek Abdygulov also specified that biometric passports will include such technologies necessary for current financial market, which will provide security and guarantees.


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