In 2017, major historical breakthrough occurred in Uzbek direction: Kyrgyz FM

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Bishkek, Dec. 29, 2017 / Kabar /. In the outgoing year a very major historical breakthrough occurred in Kyrgyzstan's relations with Uzbekistan. We have finally signed a border agreement, which has already been agreed upon by 85%, Foreign Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Erlan Abdyldaev told at a meeting with representatives of the local and foreign media speaking about relations with Uzbekistan.

"I cannot, but highlight that for us the most important direction in foreign policy is the Central Asian direction. And certainly we will work in this direction," the foreign minister said.

Abdyldaev also briefed that after signing the interim agreement on the border with Uzbekistan, both the Kyrgyz and Uzbek sides quickly ratified it, and this treaty has already entered into force.

It is noteworthy that after the exchange of instruments of ratification, Kyrgyz and Uzbek experts on border negotiations held additional talks and signed more than 40 km of the border. "And this work will be continued in the accelerated regime in the coming year. Appropriate orders were given during the visit of President Sooronabi Zheenbekov and during negotiations with the President of Uzbekistan," he added.

The minister also added that, more than 40 various treaties and agreements were signed in just 3-4 months. These are the agreements and treaties, which were not signed for a long time. "But the impetus that was given to our relations this year has allowed us to remove many issues from the agenda," the FM emphasized.

Abdyldaev added that the trade turnover between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan is steadily growing and this year the trade turnover grew by 60%. "And the bar is set that in the near future trade will reach $ 500 million. But this level is also not final, and trade with Uzbekistan will continue to grow," the Kyrgyz foreign minister considers.


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