Kyrgyz horse won first place at international marathon race

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Bishkek, Nov. 1, 2017 / Kabar /. The international distance race is held in Kyrgyzstan for the first time from October 27 to 28, where jockey Zhanybek Duishevayev with a horse of Arab breed named Parvoz won the first place.

According to the information of the federation of equestrian sport of Kyrgyzstan, long-distance races, marathon runs are a national tradition, part of the nomadic culture of Kyrgyz. This fact gives grounds to be confident in the future and further success of the team of Kyrgyzstan.

"The Equestrian Federation of Kyrgyzstan has set itself an ambitious task not only to become one of the strongest teams of the Asian continent, to become participants of the World Cup, but also to present our century-long nomadic horse culture that has given the world this most wonderful sport," the Federation said.

"The competitions were the first step towards obtaining a license for the World Cup, our athletes managed not only to safely finish the distance of 80 km, but also to win the first place," the report said.

It is worth emphasizing that the horse was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan.


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