New enterprise for processing dried fruits to be open in Kadamzhai

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Osh, March 14. 2018. / Kabar /. A new enterprise for processing dried fruits will be put into operation in the near future on the territory of Uch-Korgon village administration of the Kadamzhai region.

The enterprise was created with the financial support of the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund jointly with the USAID’s Agrohorizont project.

About 15 million soms were spent to open the company, where 30 people will be employed.

It is expected that the company will process 2.4 tons of dried fruits. Products are planned to be exported abroad.

The enterprise will start operating at full capacity by early April 2018. Currently, local workers are trained by specialists.

On average, farmers in Kadamzhai region grow more than 21,000 tons of fruit, 11,000 of which are exported to other countries.


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