One alleged terrorist’s action should not affect relations between two countries and peoples - experts

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Bishkek, April 6 / Kabar /. For the time being it is not yet known whether Akbarzhon Dzhalilov is the culprit of the explosion in St. Petersburg subway, the Investigative Committee has only supposition, political analyst Denis Berdakov told Kabar.

Head of the Kyrgyz diaspora in St. Petersburg Kochkorbai Kutunaev told the domestic media that because of the terrorist act, the document checks of citizens of Kyrgyzstan and other migrants by Russian law enforcement agencies have become more frequent.

In addition, it became known that journalist of Kyrgyzstan Natalia Kushparenko was refused to book a room in a Moscow hotel due to the fact that she is a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

"I replied to the hotel administration that I am a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, but I am Russian. In response, the hotel employee said: "You are not a Russian citizen, and the terrorist act was caused by the actions of your citizens (the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation suspect in the explosion of the citizen of Russia in the St. Petersburg subway – editor’s note), and you live in a country hostile to us," she told Kabar Agency.

Denis Berdakov said that in fact, no matter what nationality was the culprit of the explosion and native of which country, it is only one person.

"This should not affect the relations between the two countries and peoples. Moreover, recently the relations between Kyrgyzstan and Russia are developing warmly, there is deep economic and humanitarian cooperation. I would like to note that there are also mistakes on the part of Russian and Kyrgyz media. It is not necessary to exaggerate this issue until there are clear results," he said.

Another political scientist Ainura Aryzmatova also believes that terrorism has no nationality.

"The law enforcement agencies investigating this case should not have publicized the names of suspects, etc. The alleged culprit was never a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. For some reason, no one indicates to which country he really belongs," she said.

Arzymatova said that the current situation can negatively affect the life of Kyrgyz labor migrants in the Russian Federation.

"Now the shadow is falling on the country and on specific people - migrants," she said.


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