Solar power plant to appear in Southern Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan, which has long been showing interest in generating energy from renewable sources, will construct another solar plant.

A construction of a 40 MW solar power plant will be launched in the Baydibek district of South Kazakhstan region, Bahytbek Tanaguzov, akim of the region, said at a briefing in the Regional Communication Service.

He noted that alternative energy sources are developing in the region, Kazinform reported.

At present, Vetropark Zhuzimdik LLP has prepared the necessary documents for the construction of a 40 MW solar power plant, according to Tanaguzov.

“This year, the construction will be launched. Along with this, before the end of this year, foreign companies Emperial Renewabie Energy LLP and KK-Kiunsen intend to develop design and estimate documentation for the construction of solar power plants for 100 and 210 MW,” he said.

Tanaguzov further added that this year it is planned to create enterprises for the production and processing of meat and milk on the territory of the industrial zone. One of them is the agro-complex "Shayan Onimderi", which will process meat, milk and fodder. The project cost is 1,500 million tenge. The enterprise intends to produce 2,000 tons of meat, 2,500 tons of milk and 5,000 tons of fodder annually.

Kazakhstan plans generating 50 percent of its electricity from renewable and alternative energy sources according to President Nazarbayev’s ambitious 2050 strategy. This strategy is a part of the country’s comprehensive initiative to transfer itself from one of the world’s major hydrocarbon energy producers to the green economy model.

Renewable energy production volumes will grow three times compared to current indicators, according to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy. In three years, more than 100 alternative energy facilities will operate in the country compared to the current 50. The facilities will include 23 wind energy plants, 17 solar power stations and 13 hydroelectric power stations, as well as several plants producing biogas, an alternative energy source.


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