Turkmen females holding driving license requested to re-sit the driving test

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Bishkek, Jan. 13, 2018. /Kabar/. In the past couple of weeks the females who hold driving licenses have been receiving telephone calls from those who introduce themselves as district police officers. They make detailed enquiries as to when the women obtained a driving license, how many attempts to pass the test they had, who paid for the car purchase and what funds are used to service the vehicle, Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported.

After questioning the females are warned that those who have obtained driving licenses over the past five years are requested to re-sit the driving test.

It has been previously reported that Turkmenistan’s road police stop female drivers on the roads and confiscate their driving licenses informing them that females are now forbidden to drive in Turkmenistan.

No written instructions or decrees are presented by police officers who refer to verbal instructions issued by higher-ranking authorities.

Let us recall that starting from January an unofficial ban on the use of black cars was introduced in Turkmenistan.


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