Turkmenistan named best country for recreation in 2018

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Turkmenistan was named the best country for recreation in 2018, according to ORIENT agency.

Following a numerous programs about tourism and travel to different countries, the Italian TV channel "Rai Tre" conducted a survey among the audience to reveal the best countries for recreation in 2018. Turkmenistan won in the category "History".

The Turkmen people have a five-thousand-year history, as evidenced by numerous findings related to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. Such famous states as Margush, referred to as Margiana in Greek or Roman manuscripts, Parthia, etc were located on the territory of Turkmenistan.

Next on the list are Karelia (Russia), French Polynesia and the Philippines as winners in the nomination "Paradise". San Francisco and South Korean Seoul are the leaders in the nomination "Urban Life". Scotland, Jericoacoara (Brazil) and Peru won in the nomination "Nature".

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