Uzbek president strengthening dialogue with citizens in entrepreneurship issues

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Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev ordered to draft a state program for the implementation of the Strategy of Action in the “Year of support of active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies” until Jan. 5.

A joint working group headed by state adviser Otabek Murodov should carry out a critical analysis of the implementation of the Strategy of Action in 2017, shortcomings, and, taking into account the opinion of the public and experts, prepare a draft of a new program.

Further, on Jan. 5-15, a broad public discussion of the document will be organized, in particular through its online publication. Finally, on Jan. 20, experts, taking into account the comments received, will finalize the program and submit it to the head of state for approval.

In addition, all the activities included in the program should be based on the results of direct dialogue with the people, as well as provide for the solution of urgent problems that are of concern to the population, practical steps to radically improve the situation in all spheres of public and state life.

One of the program’s key directions will be radical improvement and wide development of the system of rendering state services in new conditions, as well as transition to the model of innovative development, support for progressive, modern-minded citizens and entrepreneurs.


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