What is known about World Nomad Games

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Aijan Abdesova, the deputy head of the Secretariat of the Third World Nomad Games told Kabar News Agency about the previous and the upcoming Third World Nomad Games, which will be held in Kyrgyzstan in 2018.

-How did the idea of the Nomad Games come?

The main idea of the organization of the World Nomad Games was the revival and preservation of the historical heritage of the nomadic people’s civilization and also to show the world the greatness of the nomadic civilization by showing the world the values of culture, the values of tradition, the values of the sport of nomadic people. In 2012 ex-president of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev has been in an official meeting with the participation of several countries like the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic. Atambayev mentioned there about the idea of organization of such game like the World Nomad Games. On the results of the discussion, these four countries, including Kyrgyzstan signed the agreement to hold the World Nomad Games.

The first part of organization of the Games was in 2014. About 19 countries participated in the First World Nomad Games. There were about 10 different kinds of ethno-sport games. There was also cultural part. About 250 people from foreign mass media came to cover the event.

We have seen that we were capable to conduct in our country, that’s why in 2016 we decided to hold it even better, brighter and involving more countries. There were 23 different kinds of ethno-sports. We included the cultural part as well. As you know there was a cultural part – a great performance of our Kyrgyz citizens and some international participants like Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and some other countries. They have been showed their performances in Kyrchyn gorge. The international media said that this was a great show and great pictures. Even Al-Jazeera has broadcasted several times in Arabic TV about the beauty, about the idea of gathering nomadic people in one country like Kyrgyzstan.

There were 62 different countries participated in the Second World Nomad Games. If we say about the cultural part, there were about 16 countries, which participated in nomadic festivals in Issyk-Kul’s hippodrome and in Kyrchyn gorge. The main thing is that there were a lot of athletes, a lot of mass media.

In the Second World Nomad Games there were 500 million spectaculars, I mean who have seen the World Nomad Games online. Now we have a lot of demands from people who are interested in coming to the Third World Nomad Games, who wants to be a participant, a guest, a mass media representative of their country in the Third World Nomad Games.

- What are the peculiarities of the next Third World Nomad Games, which is to be held in 2018?

The Third World Nomad Games will be held in September 2018. The main thing that we have added to the third part of the organization of the Third World Nomad Games is the scientific side, which we included. For example, ethno-science. What does it mean? That means that we want to know who is the nomadic person, from where he comes and what is his history and what is his tradition.

We want to hold the Third World Nomad Games at the international level. This is our main issue. We want to show people not only our Kyrgyz part, we want to show the international part, that’s the issue why we added for the cultural part about 40 countries. That’s our purpose.

At the present time we are discussing with the Ministry of Education and Science the scientific part and we will have the final issue coming days. We want to organize the 61st Altaistic conference in the framework of the Third World Nomad Games. The events of the Third World Nomad Games will be held not only in September, we hold the events during nine months. We want different events during nine months of the coming year and in different regions of Kyrgyzstan: Batken, Jalal-Abad, Talas, Naryn, Chui, Osh, Issyk-Kul regions. All the parts of the country will participate in the Third World Nomad Games, not only during one week, but during one year. There will be some kind of conferences, forums, cultural events, some kind of sport events. Within the framework of the World Nomad Games we will have these kinds of events during the year.

Last year we have had 22 kinds of ethno-sport games, this year it will be 37 kinds of ethno-sport games. It means we have added different kinds of sports because there was some kind of demand from international part. We want to show more, it will be more lightly. Another issue which will be a different part from what we had last year, we are not going to have weight categories, we are not going to have winners. We are going to have, for example, great archer, great nomad, great fighter, etc. this kind of awards. We will inform who are the winner at the end of the ceremony - in the closing ceremony. These are only the plans that we are going to have. The official information you can get on the official website of the www.worldnomadgames.com. We will inform people in advance what kind of things we are going to have.

Another thing that we a going to have in a cultural part we are going to organize festivals of art. What does it mean? We want to show different international graphic, international different sculptures by creating them in Kyrgyzstan. We want to show the different kind of graphic calligraphy and this kind of things and also narrative saying of the epic of Manas and also international epic, for example, may be the Indian part will narrate about Mahabharata.

There going to be also ethno-dance, ethno-fashion, ethno-song. We are going to organize such kind of events in Issyk-Kul, especially in Kyrchyn gorge, in the center of nomadic civilization and also in the nomad amphitheater and in the hippodrome.

The main part – I want to say about the scientific part of the games. We want that the person by coming to the Kyrgyz Republic to the Third World Nomad Games, at the beginning he can have light ideas about nomad civilization and by the final day, when he leaves the country, we want this person to have the total idea who was the nomadic person, may be, he is the part of nomadic, he can be proud of being a nomad. Because nomad people were very strong, they were very wise, they were very smart people, they were fighter, but in a good sense and they were peaceful people with rich tradition and rich culture, where they used to live. This is our history and especially we are living in the 21st century, its very urbanistic, modern civilization. But without knowing our history, without knowing who we are, we can not build our future. The main idea of the Nomad Games - we want to preserve what we have and to live better. To live in a better life, we need to know very well our history. Our main purpose of the Third Nomad Games, its not only 62 countries come and participate in the games, but also to know who they are. For example to preserve the language, this is the main thing. By preserving the language to know better the history. This is the main issue. Thank you!

-Thank you.

Interviewed by Nurzhan Kasmalieva


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